This Mom Was Arrested Because Her Son Had Too Many Sick Days

A Savannah, Ga, mother was arrested because he son missed too many school days due to illness, but the school says there's another side to the story.

Everyone who knows her says Julie Giles is a great mom. There's nothing she wouldn't do for her family.

So, how did she end up under arrest?

Julie was arrested because her ten-year-old son, Samuel, took too many sick days.

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INSIDE EDITION spoke to Julie and her family at their home outside Savannah, Georgia. Samuel is on the honor roll at his elementary school.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "My boys are my world."

Julie says Samuel was under the weather more so than usual this year and stayed home from school 12 times.

Georgia law allows five unexcused absences and more if a parent sends a doctor's note. But, Julie says she knows how to take care of her boys and they don't always need to go to the doctor.

"I don't think the school should get to demand that I take them to the doctor for all illnesses when I can take care of many of those at home," Julie told INSIDE EDITION.

Julie says the school should trust her because she works there as a substitute teacher!

Believe it or not, in Georgia and several other states, excessive absences can be considered a form of child neglect and parents face fines and even jail time. Julie got the news that there was a warrant out for her arrest on the day before Mother's Day so she turned herself in.

Julie's son, Samuel, told INSIDE EDITION, "When I found out my mom was going to have to turn herself in it hurt me really bad."

Julie is represented by lawyer David DeLugas from the National Association of Parents.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "Perhaps the most tragic is their young child feels responsible. He feels that 'Mommy got arrested because I got sick.'"

The superintendent of the school district told INSIDE EDITION, "We believe attendance is very important and students must be present to learn. A referral to law enforcement is always a last resort after all other measures have been exhausted."

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Julie said her rights as a parent are far more important.

She added, "I believe that it's my right as their mother not to have to be policed or parented when I feel like my children need to stay home."

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