American Couple Miraculously Survives Plane Crash

A Colombian plane crash is being called a miracle after only one of the 131 passengers was killed.  INSIDE EDITION reports on an American couple who survived.

They're alive!  Now survivors of the jetliner that crashed seconds before landing are telling their stories of survival.  Carolina Bellino and her husband  David were among the 131 passenger who lived through the disaster. 

Carolina, who is 2 months pregnant, left a dramatic tearful message with her church near Atlanta and asked for prayers, saying, "Our plane crashed.  I'm fine but you know, I'm pregnant so they got to be careful with me.  I got problems with my back.  If you can just say some prayers at the church, I'll be glad.  I'll be happy if you do that."

Sixty-six injured passengers, including five Americans, overwhelmed a small hospital on the resort island of San Andres in the Caribbean after the crash. The injured were lying on stretchers on the floor. One mother and child shared a single stretcher.

In a phone interview with Good Morning America, Carolina told what happened, saying, "I remember the flight attendants saying, 'Get ready for landing.'  After that, what I remember is my husband pulling me through the exit door."

Despite a fractured back, her husband David heroically pulled her from the wreckage.

"The plane broke in 3 of 4 pieces. The wing was covered with fuel. I was concerned we would have an explosion. I am pregant, but the baby's fine. It's just like a nightmare, but I'm thankful because I'm alive. I'm thankful to god. This is a miracle," said Carolina.