Mila Kunis' Stalker Captured 10 Miles From Her Home

Mila Kunis can breath a sigh of relief after her stalker has been captured by police.

Mila Kunis' escaped stalker has been captured. The actress, who is also a new mom, can breath a sigh of relief.

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Stuart Dunn was apprehended at a homeless encampment in Santa Monica on Wednesday which is just 10 miles from Kunis’ home in Beverly Hills.

He'd been on the loose since escaping from a mental health facility last Saturday.

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Reaver Bingham, Deputy Chief Probation Officer LA Co. Probation Dept.1 said, "He was fixated on Ms. Kunis. We treated him as very dangerous. Thus the efforts to work around the clock to bring him into custody."

According to the police, Dunn was attempting to blend in with the homeless community. He was captured in an alleyway.

Officer Bingham also said, "He was not startled. He acknowledge his name seemed resigned to being taken in."

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