Couple 'Elopes' 30,000 Feet in the Air

A couple turned a JetBlue flight into a wedding for the ages when they exchanged 'vows' in a makeshift ceremony while flying high.

Talk about getting married on a wing and a prayer! Two lovebirds exchanged vows at 30,000 feet!

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It happened aboard a JetBlue flight from Boston to Seattle when the playful flight staff learned that two of their passengers were eloping, so, they improvised a wedding!

The bride carried a bouquet made of sugar packets and wore a makeshift plastic veil. They used little wings instead of rings and the preacher got the bride's name wrong!

The preacher asked the groom, "Do you take Gina. Dina! Dina to your lawfully wedded travel companion for better or worse?"”

She replied, “Uh yes.”

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The funny preacher the concluded the ceremony saying, "She said yes! By the power vested in JetBlue, which is no power at all, we now pronounce you travel companions! You may kiss the bride!"

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