Authorities: Woman Who Worked in Prison Tailor Shop Might Have Helped Killers Escape

Joyce Mitchell worked in the prison tailor shop of a maximum security prison in New York, is a person of interest in the escape of 2 inmates.

The woman now suspected of aiding two cold-blooded killers escape from maximum security has been identified as Joyce Mitchell.

She worked in the prison tailor shop, and allegedly had a personal relationship with ladies’ man Richard Matt.

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Here's what we know about her: She's 51 years old. She's a former tax collector. She's married, and her husband, Lyle, also works at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Her son, Tobey,  serves in the Air Force.

In 2013, she posted on her Facebook page about working at the prison: "It takes balls to work behind the walls. No guns, just pure guts," she wrote.  

It's being reported that she checked herself into a local hospital with "a case of nerves,” the same day the inmates were discovered missing.

Meanwhile, there was a dramatic scene as thousands of police officers with drawn guns converged on a farm building in a town 30 miles from the prison. Two suspicious men were sighted there.

Authorities are still trying to figure out how Richard Matt and David Sweat pulled off the amazing escape. They are believed to have used an electrical saw and a sledgehammer.

INSIDE EDITION’S Megan Alexander demonstrated: "This is a hand-held grinder, possibly one of the power tools that the two inmates used." She showed how loud the tool sounds. "How could someone not hear that?" she said.

"There was construction going on at that time, so they could have timed it with the construction noise and just done that at the same time," said David Laurentz, president of Eastern Steel.

The sophisticated escape has been compared to the classic movie The Shawshank Redemption. Conan O'Brien asked actor Tim Robbins about the prison break on Monday night.

"Is the media calling you, and saying, 'Will you comment on the big escape in upstate New York?" joked O'Brien.

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“Actually, those two guys called me about a month ago," quipped Robbins.

But there is nothing funny about the chilling details about Matt. He is said to have the IQ of a genius and is "almost impervious to pain."

Authorities released photos of his tattoos. He has a Marine Corps insignia on one shoulder and a heart on the other.

"This wasn't thought out overnight. This was probably extensive planning, and they probably had outside and inside information," said Martin Tankleff.

He knows all about the hellish existence of life at Clinton. He served 17 years, having been wrongly convicted of murdering his parents.

Tankleff said, “They could be in Canada, they could be in Vermont. Who knows where they could be at this point?"

It's believed the fugitives used a guitar case they had in one of their cells to hide the tools they used in their escape. Meantime, the female prison employee is reportedly being "somewhat cooperative" with investigators.

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