Did Softball Player Intentionally Elbow Other Girls During High School Game?

Things turned ugly between two girls' softball teams during a championship game.

There was drama at a girls' softball game. The runners headed for home plate, but one went flying after the catcher appeared to elbow her!

She picked herself up and headed to the dugout. Was it an accident? Or was it deliberate?

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Later in the game, she did it again! Different player, same deal. She was sent flying after what appeared to be an elbow from the same catcher.

In a video, one could be heard yelling, "She did it again! She did it again!"

This time, angry words were exchanged. The nasty case of apparent unsporting behavior happened at a Texas high school state championship game.

Fifteen-year-old Kylie George and 18-year-old teammate, Demi Janak, were the two runners who were elbowed by the opposing catcher.

George told INSIDE EDITION, "Out of nowhere I'm running full-speed and I just get an elbow to the chest, so it was pretty surprising to me."

Janak said, "When she hit me, I flew over the plate and never had the chance to actually touch home plate."

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George added, "They didn't even give her one warning."

Don't feel too bad for the runners; their team won the championship!

Janak told INSIDE EDITION, "We won and that's all that matters to us, we got the gold medal."

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