Here's How to Safely Run in Heels Like Bryce Dallas Howard in 'Jurassic World'

A trainer shows us how to build the strength you need to run in heels just like Bryce Dallas Howard in 'Jurassic World.'

Jurassic World became the first movie to earn $500 million in a single weekend worldwide!

One reason for the massive opening, other than the obvious, was the star-power of Chris Pratt.

Fandango Correspondent Tara McNamara told INSIDE EDITION, "You have Chris Pratt who is this movie star that we're all rooting for - he is the every-man."

No doubt about it, the charming hottie has made it big time. Pratt has signed on for two more Jurassic World sequels, and he's reportedly in talks to take on the role of Indiana Jones, made famous by Harrison Ford.

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Pratt has been on a media blitz, even running in high heels on the Late Late Show. He was channeling his Jurassic world co-star Bryce Dallace Howard, who's impressing audiences with her sprinting-in-stilettos skills.

"I trained for running in heels as if I was in the Olympics," Dallas said on the show.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander tried out the same exercises that Dallas did with fitness instructor Rachel Nicks from BFX Studio in New York.

A key component was strengthening her ankles. Balance is also important.

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Alexander said, "You really do have to think about your balance, don't you? I gotta tell you, I don't feel as wobbly as I thought I would feel. I feel in control when I bend my knees."

Dallas trained for months, but after just one session, Megan Alexander felt a little more stable in her pumps.

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