Escaped Inmates May Face Bears, Bugs, and Bacteria Hiding in Woods

A survival expert shows us the dangers escaped prisoners David Sweat and Richard Matt may face in the woods where they may be hiding.

It was a walk of shame for the woman accused of lending assistance to those two escaped convicts.

Disgraced 51-year-old mom Joyce Mitchell looked bedraggled as she appeared in court on Monday. She wore a bullet-proof vest over her striped prison garb. Her wrists were handcuffed to her waist.

Prosecutors say the convicts were planning to kill Joyce Mitchell's husband, Lyle, but she had second thoughts and that's why she backed out.

District Attorney Andrew Wylie said, "That was one of the last statements she made to us, that she did love Lyle and did not want to hurt him in that way."

Investigators say she was having a sexual relationship with 34-year-old escapee David Sweat for up to 18 months before the break.

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The search is still focused on the dense woods around the prison in Upstate New York. If they are still in the area, how are they surviving?

Investigators say the two escapees could be hiding out in an environment with rough terrain and unpredictable weather, and for someone with little survival experience, hiding out for very long can be incredibly tough.

Wilderness survival instructor Shane Hobel told us living in those woods is no picnic.

"You're talking about a region that is comfortable with its black bear population. There's moose up there, there's coyotes, there's other animals that can cause a threat," he told INSIDE EDITION.

Even if they didn't encounter any bears, they are likely to become sick from insect bites or drinking contaminated water, but they may have researched some basic survival skills.

Most rivers and streams are contaminated, but Hobel showed me how to get fresh water by cutting a vine.

Hobel told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm just going to clean the bottom of this off right now, it's pouring out. Now, here's the thing when it comes to this sort of vine as you can tell, it's pouring into my hand and it's running nice and clear."

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He says there is also plenty of food here if you know where to look, like an edible weed.

He added, "Not only is it edible in nutrition, it's also an incredible antiseptic. It's medicinal."

Police combing these woods are confident the pair cannot stay free for much longer.

Hobel concluded, "I know that they're cold, probably exhausted and dehydrated at the same time."

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