Drunk Driver Gets Maximum Sentence

A drunk driver received the maximum sentence for killing a man after his family found her partying in a bar just three weeks after the tragedy. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Miranda Dalton begged forgiveness in open court from the family and friends of a young man who was mowed down while she was driving drunk. "I’m sorry. I'm sorry for taking away your hopes and dreams," she said.

But were they crocodile tears? Is the real Miranda Dalton a party girl?

There is reportedly video of Dalton dancing at a Las Vegas bar. A photo showing Dalton in a belly-bearing shirt was posted on the bar's website. It was taken down the very night she killed 29-year-old Air Force veteran Paul Maidman.

The ex-serviceman died when Dalton plowed into the back of his car at an intersection in Las Vegas. Her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. She was arrested and charged with drunk driving. Despite having a previous DUI conviction she was released on bail and ordered to stay away from bars.

Maidman's family was devastated and determined to see justice served. They set up a Facebook group and called it "Maximum Penalty for Miranda Dalton."

The family was so certain Dalton would not be able to stay away from bars, they actually recruited a network of friends and family members to keep an eye on her. And sure enough, three weeks after her arrest Miranda Dalton was spotted at a Vegas bar.

Maidman's sister, Dawn Fullerton, told INSIDE EDITION, "The phone calls were coming in all week that she was out having a good time."

When Fullerton drove to the bar, she couldn't believe what she saw; Dalton was in disguise!  She was wearing glasses and a black wig. Fullerton took pictures of Dalton on her cell phone. She even captured Miranda sitting on a guy's lap.

Fullerton sent the pictures to the judge hearing the case and Dalton was ordered back to court. Her bail was increased by $500,000 and she was sent back to jail.

"I'm so sorry," Dalton broke down as she apologized to Maidman's family.

The family members wore white shirts to court with the words "Team Paul" printed on them. For Maidman's sister, Dalton's tears came too late.

"I can't forgive someone. I can't ask my children to forgive someone who is only sorry when it is self serving," said Fullerton.

Dalton pled guilty and was sentenced to the maximum, 8 to 20 years in prison. The sentence will keep her out of bars and put a damper on her partying ways for a long time.