'Jurassic World' Scientist: We Can Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life With...Chickens!

One paleontologist believes dinosaurs can roam the Earth again with the help of a direct living descendant: the chicken.

This summer's blockbuster Jurassic World is terrifying audiences around the world and it's also spurring an interesting debate -- Can dinosaurs really be brought back from extinction?

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Sound far-fetched? Not to Paleontologist Jack Horner, an advisor on Jurassic World. Horner says the technology actually exists to theoretically bring dinosaurs back to life.

How does he intend to do it? Turns out the ferocious Velociraptor has a direct living descendant that may surprise you. It comes from chickens.

Horner even spoke about creating a "Dino-chicken" at TED Talk, saying, “We can make a chicken with teeth. What we are trying to do is take a chicken, modify it, and make it into a “Chickensaurus.’”

He also spoke to INSIDE EDITION and said, "What we're trying to do is find ancestral genes in birds that are turned off and turn them back on again so that we can make an animal look like a dinosaur." He continued and said, "I think we will have what we call a 'Dino-chicken,' a bird with a long tail, that has arms, that has hands instead of wings, a snout with teeth definitely in the next 10 years." 

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University of Utah Paleontologist Dr. Mark Loewen says the Velociraptor actually had feathers, just like a bird.

“One of interesting things people don’t really realize is birds are dinosaurs. So, dinosaurs are with us today,” said Dr. Loewen.

He has seen Jurassic World nine times and does he think our world could become a Jurassic World?

He said, “Its highly unlikely getting to something like a 6,000 pound Tyrannosaurus Rex with a giant head, giant teeth, small arms, a big long tail, that is probably not something we are going to see in our lifetime." 

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