Coolest (Literally!) New Celebrity Health Craze: Cryotherapy

Lindsay Lohan, LeBron James and Mandy Moore have been among stars trying cryotherapy, doing for a deep freeze to reap the treatment's health benefits.

Lindsay Lohan went for a deep freeze at 220 degrees below zero - in a bikini!

Actresses Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly have also taken the Arctic blast. So has basketball star LeBron James - not for beauty, but to treat his injuries.

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Cryotherapy is the latest health craze, using extreme cold to trigger health benefits.

What does it feel like? We sent INSIDE EDITION producer Brianna Deutsch to Cryohealthcare in Los Angeles to find out.

“I’m a little nervous,” she said.

Socks and gloves are necessary to protect her extremities. Then, she steps into a chamber filled with the freezing liquid nitrogen gas.

“It’s cold, but when I say, ‘cold,’ it’s freezing. But it's actually doable. I can tolerate it," she said. 

The temperature is 220 degrees below zero. It's supposed to trigger the production of anti- inflammatory proteins.

“It’s really cold now. My hands feel like they are going to come off," she said. 

The treatment lasts three minutes and many people say they feel euphoric afterwards.

“My legs were there was tingling and numb, but it was actually really refreshing," Deutsch said. 

Dr. Jonas Kuehne says cryotherapy can treat many ailments. He said, "Inflammatory disorders or immune disorders respond very well, pain for pain management."

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He says it also helps with weight loss by boosting the metabolism.

So brace yourself. These folks say it really works - even if it makes you feel like an ice cube!

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