Look: Hideous Fungus Devouring Entire Home

A fungus is growing uncontrollably throughout a California home as the owners desperately try to stop it from invading further.

One house is being eaten alive. A hideous fungus has invaded the home, devouring the woodwork and destroying the house inch by crumbling inch.

Now, the owners fear their home will collapse if they can't stop the fungus, which is advancing like an invading monster.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret paid a visit to the house and saw the fungus. He said, “It's in the walls. It's in the floors. It's literally eating the house from the inside out.”

Crystal and Chris Zettell showed Moret how they've had to seal off their living room from the rest of the house.

Crystal said, “If we can't repair it, the fungus takes over the house.”

They've worked out a system to track how fast the fungus is advancing. She said, “We actually marked it with pen when we see it grows over it and see how fast it's coming out.”

Outside, the house in Pomona, California, gives no hint of the nightmare taking place inside. It's so bad, the floor opened up and Chris fell through.

The fungus originated in damp soil in the crawl space under the home. Chris said, "That created a place for it to grow and thrive in there." That means the beams holding up the house are crumbling.

Crystal's eyes filled with tears as she told me she inherited the house from her father, who died two years ago. She emotionally said, “This is what he worked for his whole life, his house and his kids.”

Home repair expert Jose Luis de la Cruz took a piece of wood with fungus on it and show Moret. He said, “This is the fungus. It's still alive, still pumping water into the wood.”

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To compound their heartache, Crystal and Chris say their homeowners' insurance doesn't cover the damage. They're trying to keep up their spirits about the invader in their home.

Moret said, “It sounds like a science fiction movie, The Blob.”

“That’s what we've been calling it! The Blob's going to get us,” said Crystal.

The couple has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $20,000 they need to stop the fungus from completely destroying their home.

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