Did Senate Candidate Use His Yacht for Wild Parties?

Senatorial candidate Jeff Greene is denying allegations that wild parties were held on board his yacht.  INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who says she witnessed the wild parties first-hand.

Was this luxurious yacht once a party boat for a billionaire now running for the U.S. Senate?

Sharyn Peach, a stewardess on board the yacht Summerwind, told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent she took racy photos of topless women and wild parties in 2006.

Trent asked Peach, "What did you witness on that yacht?"

"It was non-stop party.  It was basically sex, drugs and techno music.  Naked girls.  Girls constantly topless, running around, dancing," said Peach.

Two women who appear partially naked in some of the pictures are known as Holly and Molly from the E reality show Sunset Tan.

The yacht is owned by Jeff Greene, who's running for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in Tuesday's Florida primary.  Greene vehemently denies everything Sharyn Peach is saying.

Trent asked Greene, "Are you saying these allegations are not true?"

"Absolutely not true," replied Greene.

Trent asked Peach, "Why are you speaking out now?  Do you have some sort of political agenda?"

"No. I'm not political at all," said Peach.

Peach worked as a stewardess on the lavish 145-foot yacht, but says she quit after only a month because of what she saw onboard.

"In one of the rooms on the boat, it was called the Moroccan room, and it was just filled with pillows, silk pillows, and drapery from the ceiling.  I would have to go up there and clean that and straighten up the pillows, and found condoms, used condoms, all tucked away inside the pillows," said Peach.

So why is Sharyn Peach coming forward now with her allegations of wild partying aboard Jeff Greene's yacht?

She says she was shocked when she turned on the television and saw that her former boss was running for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Trent caught up with Greene at a campaign stop in St. Petersburg, where it was difficult to speak with him because he was surrounded by security.

He was accompanied by his wife, Meisze.  We should note that he was single at the time Peach worked on the yacht.  Greene responded to Trent about the explosive allegations, saying, "We've had a zero tolerance policy for anything illegal.  We always have and always will."

A source close to Greene told INSIDE EDITION Peach didn't quit, that she was actually fired and that Greene never saw any drug use or naked parties on the boat.

Greene had this to say to WTSP-TV in Tampa,  "It's a disgruntled employee who's making up stories."

Trent said to Peach, "Greene's campaign says if these things took place on the yacht, he wasn't there or he didn't know about it."

Peach replied,  "I did not see him partake in any sexual activities.  I did not see him partake in any drug use.  But it was present.  I have pictures to prove it."

The controversy is erupting just days before Florida's Democratic primary as the 55-year-old Greene campaigns as a self-made family man who became a billionaire in real estate.

"I'm a middle-class guy who just happens to have lived the american dream," Greene says in one campaign ad.

Just this past New Year's Eve, Greene entertained actress Lindsay Lohan onboard Summerwind in St. Barts.

42-year-old Sharyn Peach now sings in a rock band.  She told Ternt she thought she'd put her whole experience on the party boat behind her.  But then she found out her ex-boss now wants to be in the U.S. Senate.

Ternt said to Peach, "It sounds like you hold a grudge against him."

"No.  I just don't believe that this man should be in the U.S. Senate," replied Peach.