David Sweat's Mom Would Have Turned Him In: 'I Always Told My Kids, 'You Do the Crime, You Do the Time'

Following his arrest, David Sweat's mom is speaking out saying if he showed up at her door, she would have turned him in.

The nightmare is over!

Escapee David Sweat was bloodied from two gunshot wounds that stained his bare chest. Moments after he was captured, he was put into shackles that bound his legs, and was breathing through an oxygen mask. He was wearing camouflage pants which helped him hide in the dense woods.

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Sweat was shot twice in the torso. The 35-year-old convicted cop killer looking dazed and bloody. Cops found maps, bug repellent and Pop Tarts on him.

Onlookers cheered as Sweat arrived by ambulance at Albany Medical Center.

State Trooper Sergeant Jay Cook is being hailed as a hero. He spotted Sweat, and then brought him down with two shots sweat as he tried to flee into the tree line.

David Sweat’s mom is speaking out for the first time and says she says if David had showed up at her house in Binghamton she would have turned him in.

She said, “I hope he'll be okay and he'll just stay there where he belongs. I always told my kids, 'You do the crime, you do the time.”

And no-one is happier that David Sweat has been caught than Joshua LaMite, who lives in upstate Malone, New York, near the Canadian border bears a striking resemblance to David Sweat and has been questioned several times since the escape.

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He mentioned, “We just wanted to know you weren't an escaped convict,’ they said.”

David’s capture on Sunday brings to an end the desperate three week hunt for him and Richard Matt after their daring escape from prison.

Matt was shot dead Friday. An autopsy showed he was shot three times in the head. His lower body was covered in bug bites - and he reeked of grape flavored liquor.

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