Exclusive: Massive Waves Pummel 'Deadliest Catch' Fishermen

In an exclusive clip from 'Deadliest Catch' a massive rogue wave pummeled the crew on board the The Saga.

Discovery's Deadliest Catch has been on the air for 11 years, however what happens in their latest episode may be one of the craziest moments ever on the show.

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INSIDE EDITION has obtained an exclusive clip featuring five fishermen on deck The Saga boat and were pulling their crab cages out of the water during stormy conditions. As they were pulling more cages from the sea, weather conditions began to get worse and the boat was hit by a rogue wave.

Decker Watson, the Co-Executive Producer tells INSIDE EDITION that The Saga was fishing in the Bering Sea when two rogue waves hit the boat just seconds apart. The force of the 40 foot wave completely submerged the rail and nearly capsized the vessel with over six feet of water on deck. Only two other waves in the last 11 years have been bigger.

Watson said, “Some captains call that phenomenon “The Viper” because the wave forms like a snake head. The force completely submerged the starboard rail and nearly capsized the vessel. At its height the water on deck was over six feet to the point where everyone was completely submerged and at the mercy of the Bering Sea.”

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When asked what happened after the wave hit, Watson said, “I don’t want to spoil the show, but what I can say is that a near mutiny ensues shortly after.”

It was the first trip for freshman skipper Jake Anderson and it shook him to his core.

Be sure to watch Deadliest Catch tonight at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

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