'You Should Die for What You Did': Dad of Baby Shaken to Death Has Harsh Words for Babysitter in Court

As babysitter Michelle Heale was sentenced to 15 years in a N.J. prison for shaking a baby to death, the baby's father addresses Heale in court.

While in a New Jersey court, a heartbroken father had harsh words for the babysitter who shook his son to death.

“You should die for what you did to Mason,” Adam Hess said.

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Babysitter Michelle Heale sobbed as she heard the dead boy's anguished parents speak out.

“Please consider the maximum sentence possible to punish this monster, who stole our son's life,” said Mason’s mom, Kellie.

Heale, herself a mother to five-year-old twins, was ultimately sentenced to 15 years in a New Jersey state prison.

She previously said that she broke little Mason's neck by accident, when she was trying to stop him from choking on applesauce. At her trial earlier this year, she demonstrated on a doll what she said happened that terrible day.

“As I put him back down, his head, it snapped back and fast. And when his head snapped back, he went, I believe they said, like a rag doll. He went completely limp," she said. 

But the prosecutor said her story was filled with lies.

“The doctors made it clear that what happened to Mason is that Mason was violently and repeatedly shook over and over,” said the prosecutor.

When the paramedics arrived, they found no applesauce anywhere on the boy's body.

“There was no sign of vomiting, there was no sign of any obstruction. They knew that something else had happened,” said the prosecutor.

In a newly-released 911 call made that day, Heale can be heard saying: "Mason. Mason. His whole body is lifeless. He can't even sit up. Please."

“I need you to calm down a minute, okay?” said the dispatcher.

“Okay, okay,” said Heale.

court exhibit was also released showing Mason’s brain scans, indicatung just how much his brain and skull swelled up due to trauma. Four days after the incident, his parents, Kellie and Adam Hess, made the gut-wrenching decision to take their son off life support.

At her sentencing, Heale continued to maintain her innocence.

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“Mason was never shaken while he was with me. I am not a violent person. I am not a monster,” insisted Heale.

The judge wasn’t moved and handed down the 15-year sentence. The babysitter struggled to stand as she heard her fate for the act that has destroyed so many lives.

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