Widow Fought Wall of Silence to Find Husband's Killer

It's the story of a horrific killing: A father of two was kicked to death after he tried to break up a wild teenage party. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Widow Katy Hutchison choked up remembering how her husband was savagely beaten to death when he confronted a group of drunken teenagers at a wild party.

"One young man kicked him when he was down and it was the kicks that caused a cerebral hemorrhage," she said.  

Now Katy's epic struggle to bring her husband's killer to justice is the subject of the new Lifetime movie Bond of Silence, starring Kim Raver of 24 and Lipstick Jungle.  

Katy's husband Bob was a lawyer and the father of twins. He was attacked and killed when he tried to quiet down an out-of-control party at his neighbor's house on New Year's Eve, 1997. The movie shows the underage teens getting violently drunk.    

The teens put up a wall of silence for five years. No one would tell police what happened.

"The town became shrouded in this code of silence," Katy said.

The main suspect was a young man named Ryan Aldridge. A police video of his confession shows how cops finally wore him down.  

A detective left him alone with pictures of Katy and Bob's twins, then Aldridge wept as he was made to watch video of his victim's funeral and video of Bob reading to his children.

After three hours, his mother was brought in to be with him and he confessed:

"I did it. I kicked him a couple of times," he said.

"What was going through your mind when you did it?" the detective asked.

"Just angry and loaded," said Aldridge.

Actor Greg Grunberg, who plays the detective in Bond of Silence, tells INSIDE EDITION, "He's carrying this around with him and having to keep the charade going and then finally it's just a relief, it's like, you know, please let's let this end."

Aldridge was sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter. Then Katy did a remarkable thing. She visited her husband's killer in prison in British Columbia and forgave him.

"When a young man walked through the door that literally could be the boy next door...I realized that [he] was somebody's son," she explained.

Katy is now an advocate for reconciliation between criminals and victims. She hopes the Lifetime movie delivers her message.  

"I wanted to create a legacy for Bob that was about the way he lived, not about the way he died."