Woman Throws Cat in Dumpster

Surveillance video captures a woman heartlessly throwing a cat into a trash can, closing the lid and walking away.  Police found the woman and thousands are calling for justice.  INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.  

It's one of the cruelest and most puzzling things you'll ever see, captured by a surveillance camera.

A seemingly friendly woman stops to pet a cat.  Nice, right?  But then she lifts the lid of a garbage can, dumps the cat, slams down the lid, and casually walks away!

The good news is that the cat, a four-year-old named Lola, is alive and well at her home in England.

The bad news is that Lola spent sixteen hours in that garbage can, mournfully meowing until her owner, Darryl Mann, rescued her in the nick of time.

INSIDE EDITION showed the shocking video to psychologist Dr. Belisha Vranich who said, "This is absolutely appalling.  This is someone who actually has called the cat over.  She pet her.  She's pretended to be friendly, and then she's put her in the garbage."

British authorities have termed this shocking deed "a mindless act of animal cruelty."

The woman who dumped the cat is now said to be under police protection.  Animal lovers from around the world are calling for justice.  A Facebook page devoted to the dumping deed has had more than 15,000 responses.

Why would anyone do such a thing to an innocent creature?

Vranich said, "This is a sadistic woman who has no sympathy and is absolutely heartless."