Drone Captures Rescue of Terrified Dog Swept Off Hawaiian Cliffs, Plunging into Rough Waters

A drone captured dramatic video of a small dog being swept off Hawaii's China Walls, where rescuers risked their lives to save the pooch.

A dog was scampering on the cliff of a spectacular spot in Hawaii known as China Walls, famed for its big waves. A huge wave swept the terrified little guy off the cliff and into the water.

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It's followed by another huge wave. How could it possibly live through this? Several excruciating seconds pass. Then, up bobbed the dog. And he's clearly struggling.

The whole drama was caught on video, shot from a drone. "As soon as the wave came by, people were saying, is that dog supposed to be in the water?” said the man who owns the footage. "And then they looked at the dog, and the dog was swimming frantically, and that's when the owner jumped in."

The dog's owner bravely swam to the rescue, and you can see the dog, named Jerry, swim towards his open arms. There was no time to lose because at any moment another big wave could have come and slammed both the dog and his owner on the rocks.

Luckily for Jerry, he is carried to safety and placed back on solid ground.

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"He shook off, he was very happy we gave him some leftover scraps from lunch. He started walking around and had no problem, no injuries. It’s amazing," said the man who owns the footage.

Hawaii is reknowned for its scenic attractions, but dangers lurk if you're not careful and don't heed the warning signs.

At a blow hole, the power of the surf explodes out of a hole in the rocks and high into the sky. In 2011 one family got too close. A freak wave sends this dad crashing on to the jagged rocks.

After being thrown 30 feet by the wave, he is pulled to safety by a friend. His ten-year-old daughter wept as she watched the drama unfold. The dad had cuts and scrapes on his arms and torso.

But he was lucky. Forty-four-year-old David Potts of San Francisco was killed when he was swept into the blowhole by a wave at the same spot.  

Nature's deadly power is masked by its majestic beauty.

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