Jesse James and Kids Move to Austin

Jesse James and his kids made the big move to Austin, Texas so they could be close to Sandra Bullock. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Jesse James has started his new life in Austin, Texas.

James was spotted driving his black pickup truck through the gates of his new estate. The truck was loaded with boxes and suitcases.   

The next day James and his three children, Jesse Jr., Sunny, and Chandler, hit the local supermarket to stock up on essentials.

James moved his family to Austin to be close to ex-wife Sandra Bullock.  

James works closely with the Austin Speed Shop and was seen checking out the place with his new French Bulldog. Moments later his daughter Sunny walked in, and was later picked up by Sandra Bullock's personal assistant, another sign of America's Sweetheart's ongoing relationship with her former stepdaughter.