Judy Garland's Ex-Assistant Tells All in Memoir: Judy Slit Her Wrists, Tried to Stab Me After Swallowing Pill

In a memoir, Stevie Phillips, who once worked for Judy Garland, is revealing intimate details about some harrowing moments she spent with the star.

The world remembers Judy Garland from her stellar performance in Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

But behind the scenes, the legendary performer was anything but the charming and sweetly innocent Dorothy.

"One of the best entertainers that the U.S. ever produced was the loneliest, unhappiest and most dysfunctional woman in the world," Phillips told INSIDE EDITION.

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Stevie Phillips was Garland's personal assistant for four years. During the1960s, and she's revealing all  in her new memoir, Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me - the names of all the Hollywood big-shots she came in contact with..

But it's Garland who dominates the book. Phillips started working for her  after her heyday at MGM.

It was a sad time in her life, when the icon she had already fallen into an abyss of alcohol and prescription drugs.

Phillips writes about witnessing Garland slitting her wrists. She recalls one terrifying night when she says Garland threatened to stab her after downing a dangerous cocktail of pills.

“She finally went into the kitchen, we were in a large suite, she got out a large knife and she came after me with it,” said Phillips.

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Hard to believe, but Garland, who starred in many of the greatest Hollywood movie musicals of all time, ended up penniless.

“She was virtually a homeless person. She was sleeping on the couches of her fans. It was heartbreaking,” said Phillips.

To read an excerpt from Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me, click here.