Realtors Spend Thousands on Movie to Sell $32 Million Mansion

Two real estate agents spent $40,000 to create a movie to sell the Hollywood Hills home.

Gorgeous women in bikinis, fine wine, sweeping cinematic camera moves - it looks like a blockbuster film.

But the footage is actually a short movie made by realtors to sell a $32 million mansion.

The movie itself cost a whopping $40,000.

Real estate agents Rayni and Branden Williams came up with the over-the-top marketing idea to sell the Hollywood Hills home

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Rayni said: “We revolutionized this business by making these movies. No one has ever done this.

"When we started doing this, I thought we were crazy, the amount of money we were investing - it was a full on production."

In the movie, the home's husband goes out of town and his wife texts her friends to come over and party.

The director of photography used five different cameras and three drones to capture the home's splendor. The eight bedroom estate boasts breathtaking views, a theater, and a gym.

The husband and wife realtor team also made a $100,000 mini movie to sell a $70 million property which sold in December.

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Now they're certain this latest mansion movie will help someone find their home sweet home.

“I am 100 percent confident this will sell,” said Rayni.

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