Horse Race Announcer Gets the Challenge of His Career

INSIDE EDITION talks to the horse race announcer whose play-by-play of two horses with similar yet conflicting names has gone viral online.

They're off at New Jersey's famed Monmouth Park Racetrack, but it isn't an ordinary horse race! 

Horse number three is named My Wife Knows Everything, and number seven is named The Wife Doesn't Know.

"On the far outside The Wife Doesn't Know is moving up, right alongside of My Wife Knows Everything," announced Collmus.

It was a nightmare for track announcer Larry Collmus.

"What's going through you head?" INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Collums.

"Don't mess it up. Just get it right. Make sure you get these names right," said Collmus. "How are two horses like that even going to end up in the same race. They have no connections whatsoever to each other. A complete coincidence. So that's got to be a million-to-one shot there."

It was hilarious as the two horses battled it out in the last 200 yards to a classic finish!

"My Wife Knows Everything! Center of the track! The Wife Doesn't Know! Into the final furlong! My Wife Knows Everything! The Wife Doesn't Know! They're one-two—of course they are! My Wife Knows Everything in front. To the outside, The Wife Doesn't Know! My Wife Knows Everything! The Wife Doesn't Know! My Wife Knows Everything! More than the Wife Doesn't Know! Woah! Yeah!" Collmus yelled.

Video of the race has gone viral, with millions watching it around the world, on network TV and YouTube.

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, we were with the fillies known as the Two Wives, and their owners. The two are rivals on and off the track. The Wife Knows Everything hates to get too close to the Wife Doesn't Know.

Ed Broome is the owner of second placed The Wife Doesn't Know.

When asked what it meant that My Wife Knows Everything beat The Wife Doesn't Know, Broome said, "It's the truth! That's what it comes down to. What wife doesn't know everything? I was the underdog. I had no chance to beat that one!"

But winning owner Michael Giorgio says there is sure to be a re-match.

"We like the fact that My Wife Knows Everything, or at least in this instance, knew everything!" said Giorgio.