Ruff And Tumble! Biden Shows Off Bruise After Playing With His Dog, Champ

The vice president stepped out with a bruise near his lip after roughhousing with his family's dog.

Joe Biden has suffered a minor bruise after roughhousing with the family dog, Champ.

The Vice President showed off the small dark mark just below his lip as he stood beside the president during a reception at the White House on Monday.

Biden's rep said he suffered the bruise while playing with his German Shepherd. The injury did not appear to be serious.

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Biden was beside Obama to talk about the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The vice president did not speak at the event but grinned as he stood beside Obama.

It's not the first time his beloved pooch has made headlines. He is sometimes seen at public events at the Naval Observatory, the vice president's official residence.

Here, he is pictured with Mrs Biden and Mrs Obama during a Joining Forces service event at the Biden residence in May 2012.


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The Bidens welcomed the purebred pup into their home in 2008 and the name 'Champ' was picked by his granddaughters.

When the vice president was a child, his father called him the same name.

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