Golfer Erica Blasberg's Death Ruled a Suicide

The surprising death of young golfer Erica Blasberg has just been ruled a suicide. Now her family wants to find out what happened to Blasberg before her death. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

911 Caller: "I need to report a suicide."

It was a disturbing call to 911. Erica Blasberg, a rising star on the Ladies Pro Golf Association tour, was found dead in her Las Vegas home by her own doctor.  

Dr. Hess: "I came by to check on her last night. Um, and you know, she had a couple of drinks. I came by to check on her now and she's dead."

911 Operator: "How did she kill herself?"

Dr. Hess: "She put a bag on her head."

Her heartbroken father stopped short of saying Dr. Thomas Hess, is responsible for his daughter's death, but he says suicide makes no sense.

"The real questions of what happened to Erica, who before that night seemed 100 percent fine, can't be answered, because the only guy who has the answers is this Dr. Hess. And I'm not sure we'll ever get them," says Blasberg's father Mel.

He also wants to know what in the world her doctor was doing at his daughter's home.

911 Operator: "Thomas, how did you know her?"

Dr. Hess: "Um, I knew her from the golf club."

"This improper, unethical relationship with my daughter has now threatened his career, his marriage, and his social standing," Mel told reporters.

Police in Las Vegas have just officially ruled Blasberg's death a suicide due to asphyxiation and a powerful cocktail of medication in her system. Dr. Hess was charged with obstruction of justice on August 24th.

Investigators say Dr. Hess admitted to taking the suicide note before police arrived on the scene. They also say the physician took the prescription medications Blasberg had been taking and stashed them in his car. Police say the doctor has stopped cooperating with detectives.

"We want to know the answers. Step up and give us the answers!" Mel said.

The nature of the relationship between the young golfer and the doctor 18 years her senior remains a mystery.

On the 911 call, Dr. Hess admitted he had a drink with Blasberg the night before she was found dead. Her family's attorney says they will continue to press for answers and seek legal action if appropriate.