Bill Cosby's Attorney: Alleged Victim Accepted Quaaludes Before Consensual Sex

Bill Cosby's lawyer says there has been a rush to judgment about the actor without any legal backing.

Bill Cosby’s camp is firing back - finally.

Monique Pressley, his new attorney, says there's been a rush to judgement.

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian: “The sheer volume of women or men who are lodging are specific accusation or accusations doesn’t make it true.

"You open newspaper articles and you turn on the TV and you see people saying things like: ‘Cosby is a rapist’ or ‘Cosby is guilty of sexual assault.’ Those things, which are legal terms, which require proof and charge and conviction are not true.”

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Fabian asked: “I think people are wondering, how is it possible that 41 women have, what sounds like the same story, and they are all lying?”

She said: “Mr. Cosby has not called them liars. Mr. Cosby... denies any criminal wrongdoing with respect to any person.... That means that he did not have nonconsensual sex.”

The latest allegation against Cosby stem from that just-leaked deposition in which he seemed to acknowledge philandering.

In the deposition, he also admits to giving a woman Quaaludes he wanted to have sex with. Pressley says the media is cherry picking information and not telling the whole story.

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"One of the things that I am appearing today in order to do is to encourage people now that the deposition, that was supposed to sealed is out there in the public, is read the 1,000 plus pages and get the context," she said.  

Fabian asked Pressley about Cosby's most outspoken accuser, Janice Dickinson.

Pressley said: "One of the problems that we have seen in the media over the past few months is that we have accusations which have no chance of being faired out in court because they were all brought past the statute of limitations, some by even decades."

Cosby has never been charged with a crime. 

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