Teen's Terror After Elderly Man Tried To Drag Him From His Car During Road Rage Incident: 'I Panicked'

The 18-year-old from Yakima, Washington has spoken out about the ordeal a month after the incident.

A startling video shows the moment an angry driver tried to pull a teenager from his car after the youngster hit his vehicle and fled.

Now for the first time, the 18-year-old driver,George Nagel of Yakima, Washington, is speaking out about the ordeal.

He told INSIDE EDITION: “It shocked me because I thought why would he do that over a little bump?”

George says it started when he bumped the other man's car then took off.

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“I tried my best to slam on the brakes but it didn’t work I tapped his bumper,” he said.

George says the impact didn't even make a dent but for some reason, he decided to hit and run.

He admitted: “In my mind, I should probably stop but it's my first accident. I sped off because I panicked.”

He says the victim chased him for two miles.

“When I realized he was following me, it kind of scared me even more,” George said.

George pulled over at this elementary school. Even though he was in the wrong, he never imagined the road rage that would come next.

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“He took his arm and held me like this. That's when I bit his arm and took my keys,” he said.

He was finally able to slam the door shut and call police.

When George’s mom saw the video, she couldn't believe it, saying: ‘I was a little upset with him that he handled it the way he handled it but it doesn't excuse the behavior that happened.”

Police reponded to the scene. No charges were filed and George says he called the man later that day to apologize. 

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