You Won't Believe What Jon Stewart Reportedly Said to 'Daily Show' Writer

Comedian and writer Wyatt Cenac spoke about an incident he had with Jon Stewart when he was working on 'The Daily Show.'

Comedian Wyatt Cenac, who spent more than four years as a correspondent and writer on The Daily Show, has opened up about a row he says he had with host Jon Stewart in 2011.

Speaking to Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, he recalled how he told Stewart that he felt a voice the host used to poke fun at then-presidential candidate Herman Cain was racist.

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Cenac told Maron: “I cringed a little bit. It bothered me.”

When he mentioned it to Stewart, he said the host reacted in a manner he had not seen before.

“He got incredibly defensive," he said in the podcast. "I remember he was like, 'What are you trying to say? There’s a tone in your voice.'

"I was like, 'There’s no tone. It bothered me. It sounded like Kingfish.' And then he got upset.

"And he stood up and he was just like, 'F*** off. I’m done with you.' And he just started screaming that to me. And he screamed it a few times. 'F*** off! I’m done with you.' And he stormed out. And I didn’t know if I had been fired.”

Watch The Daily Show's 2011 segment featuring Stewart's impression of Cain:

The comedian left The Daily Show in 2012 and expressed to Maron that he never had a bond with Stewart.

“We never really hung out outside the show," he said. "I’d say the longest conversation we ever had was the day I quit, and that was the most real conversation.

"And it was sad, because I honestly thought in that conversation, I was like 'This is how I wished I’d been able to talk to you for four-and-a-half years, and maybe I wouldn’t be leaving now if we had this kind of relationship,' where it just even felt like respect."

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Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show will be August 6. The show’s new host, Trevor Noah, will begin his run in September.

INSIDE EDITION has reached out to Jon Stewart for comment on this matter and has yet to hear back. 

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