Has Tiger Got His Game Back?

One day after his divorce is final, Tiger Woods seems to be getting back on his golf game. Meanwhile, two of Woods's former lovers talk candidly to INSIDE EDITION.

Does Tiger Woods have his game back?

Today he finished the first round of the Barclays golf tournament tied for the lead. It's a huge comeback for the embattled gofer who has been famously struggling with his game following those revelations about his rampant infidelity.

Basking in the day's sunshine, Tiger hit his best round of the year, by far.

But everyone's still talking about Tiger's now ex-wife Elin Nordegren breaking her silence to People magazine. INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret picks up the story in Los Angeles.

Moret spoke to two of the women linked to Tiger—Joslyn James and Holly Sampson, about Elin's heartbreaking interview and the end of her marriage.

Josyln claims to have had a three-year relationship with Tiger—a claim backed up by texts that she says were from Tiger.

Moret asked James, "What would you say to Elin?"

"I'm sure she's got questions and I'd be happy to give her answers," replied James.

Holly says that she had a one-night stand with Tiger after they met at a bachelor party, long before he was married.

In a previous interview, Moret asked Sampson and James, "Elin said she felt blindsided. Can you appreciate that?"

Both women said, "I didn't know."

"I had no idea about all the other women he was involved with the three years that we were together," said James.

Moret asked, "So when Elin said 'I had no idea,' "

"I totally believe it, 110 percent," said James.