Watch Ohio State Buckeyes Scare the Pants Off Unsuspecting Players by Posing as Mannequins

Ohio State University Buckeyes players seriously scared their fellow teammates when they posed as mannequins and popped out at the last minute.

Some Ohio State University Buckeyes players had a little too much fun scaring some unsuspecting players.

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In a video posted on YouTube, which has almost 900,000 views, the players pretended to be mannequins and stood stoically in the hallway of the athletic center, dressed in full uniform as fellow football players passed them by.

The tricksters then popped out and started yelling when their teammates least expected it, giving them quite the fright! Player Damon Webb's parents were even in on the prank.

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The best reaction definitely goes to quarterback Cardale Jones, who flipped over a chair out of fright.

The national title-winning team is prepping for next season, but it’s unclear if the prank will help them on the field. Still, it's hysterical to watch!

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