Dad Shaves Off His Beard After 14 Years, His Family Doesn't Recognize Him

Mook has had his beard for 14 years and now has opted to take it off. His family didn't even recognize him when they saw him clean faced.

A man who shaved off his beard after 14 years was so unrecognizable that even his own family didn't know who he was.

Their moment of realization was caught on camera in a new ad created by an Israeli agency for Super-Pharm M6 razor blades.

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Before he shaved off his beard, 44-year-old Mook said that his two young children had never seen him without it.

He is seen shaving it off before going to greet his family members.

His wife and daughter were shocked when they saw him with a clean face.

“You look like a different daddy,” said his daughter.

His wife said: “I can’t believe this is how you look. I feel like I’m cheating on you. It’s strange.” After the initial surprise, she told him, “It suits you.”

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And when Mook headed into his family store, his own dad didn't even recognize him.

Mook played the new look for laughs, pretending to be a customer and asking how much a porcelain bowl cost. After a few moments, his dad figured out that it was his son.

Mook is adjusting to his new look, saying: “Apart from my kids, which already makes it worth it, I can feel the wind, the sun. The sun caressing my bare face. It is amazing. Maybe it’s a new chapter in my life. It is possible.”

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