Good Enough to Eat! Mom Creates Incredible Food Art to Help Son Eat Well

One mom has come up with a creative way to get her son to eat his greens

One mom has come up with a creative way to get her son to eat his greens – and everything else on his plate.

Laleh Mohmedi, from Melbourne, Australia, transforms her two-year-old son Jacob’s meals into beautiful food art, featuring characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants, the Muppets, Simba, Pinocchio and more. 


Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, she explained that the project started with a lion design.

"One day I decided to make Jacob's pancakes into a lion just for fun and he absolutely loved it," she said.

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"Since then every night before Jacob goes to bed he tells me his request of which character he would like either from a book, toy or movie."

After coming up with the design, they make the meals together, she said.

"He has his own little chopping board and sits there cutting - well trying - fruit," she said. "It's our little moment together that we love."


It makes meal times fun and healthy, she said. "I have always been a big advocate in healthy organic eating for children," she said.

She said she would love to make a book filled with food art and recipes for other moms – and for a keepsake for her son.

For now, she has no intention of giving up her new-found hobby.

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"I will continue to make food art for him until he grows out of it," she said. "I'm assuming he won't be requesting characters when he is 18 years old - but you just never know!"

For more of her creative designs, check out her Instagram page, Jacob's Food Diaries.

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