Buddies Stuff 13 Twizzlers Into Sleeping Friend's Mouth During Road Trip

Micah was on a road trip with pals and fell asleep. While he was getting shut eye they opted to have some fun.

While on a road trip with his buddies, Micah made the mistake of falling asleep.

As he took a snooze, his friends decided to see how many Twizzlers they could fit into his mouth and a friend in the passenger seat filmed the prank.

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One by one, his sneaky pals do their mischief. Finally 13 Twizzlers are crammed into his mouth. They even put a couple on the rims of his glasses.

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When a confused Micah woke up, he was a good sport and smiled at his friends while taking a giant bite out of the Twizzlers.

After seeing that Micah was okay with the prank, his buddy behind the camera said: “We love you, Micah!”

No word yet on if Micah has managed to get his sweet revenge.

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