No One Recognizes Cristiano Ronaldo Performing Soccer Tricks in Disguise

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo took to the streets of Madrid to kick a ball around while in disguise and not a single person noticed who it was.

If you saw this bearded man in sweats playing soccer on the streets of Madrid, would you believe it was soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo?

These passersby had no idea.

The Portuguese athlete, 30, donned his disguise -  a fat suit, wig and fake beard - and walked a dog to the bustling Plaza de Callao in Madrid before showing off his soccer skills.

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Not one person recognized him and when he asked one woman for her number, she turned him down.

After a few hours, a little boy came over to play ball with Ronaldo. After a quick game of one-on-one, he picked up the ball and asked the kid for his name.

The Real Madrid captain then pulled out a marker and autographed the ball for the child and began to take off his beard and wig and revealed who was really underneath.

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The child was shocked. Other passersby began to take out their phones and swarm the soccer star as he walked away from the scene.

The video was created for Ronaldo’s new company, Roc Live Life Loud, which is selling headphones and speakers on eBay. He shared the prank on his Facebook page on Monday.

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