Cops Pull Over Motorist, Find a Shetland Pony in Her Trunk

The unnamed woman was driving along an autobahn at Bad Oeynhau near Hannover when she was stopped by cops.

Police in Germany pulled over a motorist - and found a Shetland pony in the trunk of her car.

The unnamed woman was driving along an autobahn at Bad Oeynhau near Hannover last weekend when she was stopped by cops.

When they searched her Fiat Panda, they were shocked to find a live Shetland pony standing on straw in the back.

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"Despite the fact the so-called Shetland pony is not bigger than some dogs, the officers quickly determined that the handling was not species-appropriate," police spokesman Ralf Steinmeyer told NBC News.

On average, Shetland ponies measure around 40 inches in height.

The woman told officers she had been driving the pint-sized pony for 60 miles and was planning to take it 300 miles further to the Czech Republic. She was going to meet the pony's owner, she said.

But the officers said they weren't going to let that happen.

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"Since this transport was not appropriate to the species, officers prevented the onward journey," police said in a statement.

The woman was allowed to drive to the nearest police station where the pony was let out and given water. Police contacted the pony's owner to collect it.

The woman has not been charged with any crime.

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