Female Blogger Who's Visited 32 Countries Gives Women Tips For Traveling Alone

Professional globetrotter Alyssa Ramos, 27, is giving other women advice on how to stay safe while traveling alone.

After visiting 32 countries and six continents - mostly on her own - 27-year-old globetrotting blogger Alyssa Ramos is giving advice to other women who want to travel by themselves

On her various adventures overseas she has faced a dilemma: the reaction of foreigners to the fact that an attractive woman is traveling alone.

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She said the worst incident came in Cuba. She was on a beach when a man confronted her. He was a tourist himself, from Germany

"I was warned by locals that when you see a pretty girl walking up and down the beach she's looking for a guy," she said, asking them, "Like a prostitute?" she told INSIDE EDITION.

When Ramos posted her experiences on The Huffington Post, she was shocked by the response -- hundreds of women had the same experience.

"Nobody wants to be like, ‘Oh yeah, when I go traveling, people approach me like I'm a prostitute.’ That's embarrassing,” she said.

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Fortunately, she hasn't faced any real physical violence. Just this past year, she's visited Africa, Iceland, Thailand and Australia.

She's compiled a list of tips on her site that tell women traveling alone how to deal with nasty encounters. Some involve self-protection.

"If anything, I think my purse would be a good weapon," she said, swinging around her purse.

She said traveling women should walk with confidence, not wear flashy jewelry, and always be aware of their surroundings. If they're careful, women who travel alone shouldn't be afraid to take the leap.

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