Three New Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

The women spoke out about the alleged incidents at a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday alongside their attorney Gloria Allred.

Three more women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

Colleen Hughes, a former American Airlines flight attendant, Eden Tirl, an actress who appeared on The Cosby Show, and actress Linda Ridgeway are his newest accusers.

The women spoke out about the alleged assaults at a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday alongside their attorney Gloria Allred.

Ridgeway, who appeared in the 1972 movie The Mechanic, said that Cosby sexually assaulted her while she was waiting for a job interview. She was not drugged before he attacked her in an office, she said.

"I felt Cosby's left hand gently grab my long hair behind my head, his giant frame blocked the door," she said, before claiming he forced her to perform a sex act on him.

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"His attack was fast with surgical precision and surprise on his side,” she said. “I couldn't breathe. I was in shock.”

Afterwards, she felt like a "small animal that had been hit by a car," she said.

Hughes recalled meeting Cosby while working as a flight attendant on a flight to Los Angeles in the 1970s. She said that he offered to take her out to lunch in Beverly Hills when they landed.

They left the airport and she took a shower in his room at the Miramar Hotel. When she left the bathroom fully dressed, she found him drinking champagne from one of her Gucci shoes, she said.

He offered a sip but she turned it down. Instead, she took a glass of champagne from the comedian, she said.

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Hours later, she found herself waking up in a daze and realized she had been sexually assaulted, she said.

"I was confused and ashamed and never told anyone about what happened to me," she said.

She saw him on a later flight and he tried to chat her up again, she said.

"I told him, 'You already had me once and I don't want to ever be drugged by you again,'" she said. 

Shocked, he asked her if she told anyone and she said no, she said.

"You are Bill Cosby, who would believe me?" she said she told him.

Tirl said that during the taping of an episode for The Cosby Show in 1989, Cosby locked her in a dressing room and told her: "We're going to make love."

More than 30 women have accused the 78-year-old actor of sexual assaults.

Cosby has previously denied any wrongdoing.

In response to the new accusations, Cosby's attorney, Monique Pressley, released a statement.

It said: "While I do appreciate the temptation that may exist, for some, to turn this matter into a public spectacle, lawyers representing clients resolve matters in court, not debates."

He was recently ordered to give a deposition in another lawsuit brought by accuser Judy Huth this October.

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