CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Saves Man From Drowning in Riptide: 'I Didn't Think, I Just Went In'

Chris Cuomo is used to reporting the news, yet, after helping a man from drowning, he became the news.

CNN host Chris Cuomo usually delivers the news - but he's making some headlines of his own after saving a man from drowning this weekend.

The anchor opened up about the incident near Shelter Island, off the coast of Long Island, New York, as he hosted New Day on Tuesday morning.

He was on a fishing boat with his wife and their children when they saw the man in distress.

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Cuomo, 45, said: "There's a guy who gets caught in a rip current off the coast of New York’s Long Island and guess who's there to save him -- this guy.”

He threw the man a life preserver but it wasn’t enough to rescue the person in the water.

He said: “So I didn’t think. I went in and got him. It was hard for us to swim across but we eventually did.”

New York Post’s Page Six initially broke the news on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, his co-host Michaela Pereira nagged him, saying: “I asked you yesterday how your weekend was and you didn’t say a word.”

Cuomo replied: “In truth, I was leaving it alone because I didn’t want to reveal the guy. I didn’t want to embarrass him... We’re talking about it because someone called it in and put it in the news, and it wasn’t me."

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But Cuomo had some advice for other swimmers.

"There's a lesson in this, don't jump into fast-moving water," he said.

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