Police Officer Caught Performing 'Nae Nae' Dance in 7-Eleven

One police officer thought no one was watching when he decided to do the 'Whip / Nae Nae' dance in a 7-11.

Utah's Pleasant Grove Police Department shared a video on Facebook of one of their officers, Bryson Lystrup dancing to Silento's hit song, “Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)” in a 7-Eleven surveillance video.

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Lystrup says the 7-Eleven is part of his morning routine and at 6 a.m. he thought he was alone and forgot that the camera might be rolling.

Officer Lystrup’s police department had fun when they posted the video on Facebook with a warning, saying: “This video is a little hard to watch.”

The department wrote on Facebook that they were alerted by the manager of the store about some suspicious behavior and the security video was obtained.

They write: “To our community and to the internet as a whole, we apologize. We are looking at getting this officer some help ASAP. (Because his timing was way off). – Sarge."

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Lystrup told Fox 13 in Salt Lake City: “The store owner turned on the music and the rest was history, I started dancing. Hello I’m an officer, I should have known there’s a camera in a convenience store.”

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