Jon Stewart Clobbers WWE's John Cena With a Chair

Former 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart smashed a chair against the wrestler during Sunday night's SummerSlam event.

Has retired Daily Show host Jon Stewart now turned pro wrestler?

Stewart, sporting a scraggly gray beard, clobbered WWE superstar John Cena with a chair at the annual SummerSlam Pay-Per-View event on Sunday.

But it's not a permanent gig for the 52-year-old: Stewart is a huge fan of professional wrestling and was hosting the event.

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Earlier this year, he had an altercation with another WWE star, Seth Rollins. The comedian kicked the heavyweight champion in the groin during a taping of Monday Night Raw.

But it seems as if Stewart and Rollins have made amends. Sunday's attack on Cena helped Rollin obtain another title.

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Since Stewart retired earlier this month, a petition was started for the former Daily Show host to moderate one of the major debates leading up to the November 2016 election.

The petition currently has over 288,000 supporters and needs more than 11,000 more to be considered.

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