Search Is On For Acid Attacker

INSIDE EDITION follows up on the horrific story of a young woman who had acid thrown in her face by a complete stranger. Police have released a sketch in hopes of finding the attacker.

Police hunting the vicious attacker who threw acid in a young woman's face are releasing a sketch of the perpetrator.  

She's in her mid-twenties, with three distinctive piercings in her right ear, and hair slicked back in a ponytail. Police say she's African-American.

The attacker may strike again if she's not caught, says criminal profiler Pat Brown.

"Anyone who would throw acid in another human being's face is obviously a psychopath, in my book. They have no empathy for their victim, but this is also probably a psychopath that's down on their luck and who has gotten to the point that they want to take out their rage on somebody," remarked Brown.

The attacker approached 28-year-old Bethany Storro after she parked her car to go to a Starbucks in Vancouver, Washington.

"The attacker said, 'Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?' before throwing the cup of acid in her face. Is there any meaning behind that?" said INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

"The words 'pretty lady' stand out to me, because a lot of times you're walking down the street, a person trying to panhandle for money will say, 'pretty lady, do you have some money?' So I think she is a street person of some sort, or one who has been there," replied Brown.

This is not the only challenge brave Storro is facing. She has been hearing impaired since childhood. As she spoke about the attack, she had to read reporters lips.

"I think about what happened and I get frustrated and ask, 'Why?' Of course, all the typical questions," said Storro.

Her eyes filled up with tears, clearly visible despite bandages that cover her head and face.
Now the hunt is on for the woman who committed this atrocious crime.

Doctors say Storro suffered mostly second degree burns, which leaves them hopeful she will have a good recovery from her injuries.