Barbara Walters Returns to The View

Barbara Walters returns to The View for the season premiere after recovering from heat surgery and David Letterman makes a rare appearance to welcome her back. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's Barbara Walters, spunky as ever! The View talk show kicked off its 14th season with the TV legend back from open-heart surgery.

Walters said, "The doctors literally saw down your chest!"

But don't look for any unsightly scar on the fit 80-year-old's chest. Walters said, "Want to see my scar? You are looking at it!"

Behar said, "I thought that was cleavage!"

Walters said she was wearing only a little concealer over the barely visible scar. She underwent surgery last May to replace a faulty heart valve with, get this, a valve from a pig.

David Letterman, who famously underwent open-heart surgery himself 10 years ago, was Walters's first guest. For years he's declined an invitation to appear on The View, but finally accepted to welcome Barbara back.

Walters said, "I have a pig valve. You don't have one."

Letterman joked, "I have other pig parts on me though."

Walters asked Letterman, "How's your scar?"

"Like a drainage pipe in a South American country," replied Letterman.

Walters said, "People say, 'How are you?' I think they expected me to be all weasly."

A string of celebrities wished Walters well in recorded messages. And comedian Mario Cantone gave a musical tribute as a delighted Walters looked on.