Surveillance Footage Shows Stepfather Throwing Toddler into Hotel Pool Before She Drowned

A three-year-old girl drowned after be repeatedly thrown into a hotel swimming pool in Mexico.

A three-year-old girl drowned after she was repeatedly thrown in a Mexican hotel pool by her stepfather, according to authorities.

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The incident on August 12 was captured on hotel surveillance footage, which was shared online by Quadratin News.

The harrowing video shows the unnamed girl being thrown into the water multiple times. The stepfather watches her bob for air and pull her out before dropping her in again.

At one point, he watches her struggle in the water before throwing a life preserver at her.

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Reports say the girl's mom was asleep in the hotel while the stepfather took the toddler to the pool. According to the time listed in the surveillance video, the two were at the pool for an hour and a half and then returned later.

The man has been charged with homicide and is currently in prison awaiting a court hearing. An autopsy showed the young girl died from secondary drowning, which occurs when a person experiences the effects of drowning hours after getting out of the water.

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