Dash Cam Footage Shows 8-Year-Old Boy On a Joyride With His Younger Siblings

One eight-year-old went on an excursion with his little siblings in the car until they were stopped by police.

A police officer had quite a surprise when he pulled over a car and found an eight-year-old boy in his pajamas driving his two younger siblings.

In dash cam video, a Minnesota State Police Officer can be seen having a slow-speed chase with a white car over 20 miles.

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It finally came to an end when the kid pulled into a driveway and accidentally backed into the patrol car.

When the pint-sized driver eventually got out, the officer saw that he was in his pajamas and carrying a backpack.

The boy's five-year-old foster sister and her three-year-old brother were also in the car. The three children all left with the trooper unharmed.

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Child Proective Services investigated and determined that the children were safe with their foster families.

It is not known where the children were planning to go.

The incident, which happened on April 28, is being released now by the police.

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