Cops: Mom Says She Drowned Her 2-Year-old Twin Sons Because No One Loved Them

Mireya Alejandra Lopez was arrested on Sunday on two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide after the boys were found unresponsive.

A 22-year-old mother has been arrested for allegedly drowning her two-year-old twin sons in a bathtub at their home.

Mireya Alejandra Lopez, from Avondale, Arizona, was arrested on Sunday on two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide.

Lopez told officers that she intentionally drowned the children, Sgt. Brandon Busse of the Avondale Police Department said in a statement on Sunday.

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When officers asked her why, Lopez said that she did it "because nobody loved them and nobody loved her," according to police. 

They added that she said she did not want her children to grow up living a difficult life.

The young mother also allegedly tried to kill a third child before she was stopped by a family member, police said. That child was not injured.

The boys' grandmother called 911 around noon on Sunday, KTVK reported.

Busse said officers responded to reports of an ill person - but found the two boys lying unconscious on a bed.

Police and firefighters administered CPR and both children were taken to hospital, where they died. Autopsies will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

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The boys' father, Sam Avitia, told KTVK that he had custody of the children and was scheduled to get them on Friday. He reportedly said Lopez suffered from depression and anxiety.

A gofundme page set up for Avitia shows images of him with the boys.


Footage by News 12 shows Lopez being taken away from the house in handcuffs by police.

The investigation is ongoing.

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