Rise of the Divorce Selfies: 'Happy' Couples Pose for Photos After Calling It Quits

Former couples say the divorce photos show they are breaking up amicably.

Some happy couples are snapping selfies to mark a special occasion in their lives: their divorce.

The new trend -- taking selfies with your brand-new ex and posting it on social media -- is taking the Internet by storm. 

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Jess and Bryan Hanson were married for five years when the Chicago high school sweethearts decided to call it quits. They snapped a smiling selfie moments after leaving divorce court.

Jess told INSIDE EDITION: "I was actually walking out the courthouse and we decided to hold up the dissolution of marriage and take a snap to show that we were best friends when we started then, and we were best friends now."

Meanwhile, you wouldn't know it was splitsville after 15 years of marriage for Nicole and Robert Holt of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Their divorce selfie was taken three weeks ago. They're so delighted that they captioned it, “Happy Divorce.”

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On their way out of court, Nicole turned to her husband and said, “Let's get a selfie.”

These couples may be moving on with their lives, but at least they have their divorce selfies to share forever.

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