Ex-Ashley Madison Spokesmodel Claims: There Were No Affairs On the Site

Bombshell McGee spoke to INSIDE EDITION about her relationship with the website for cheaters.

Former Ashley Madison spokesmodel Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee says she can “almost guarantee” no one had an affair through the site.

McGee, who famously had an affair with Jesse James when he was married to Sandra Bullock, spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION for a scathing interview.

She branded the website a “scam” and said she believes that almost no real women use it.

“I can almost guarantee that [husbands] did not have an affair,” she said. “They did not have a physical relationship with anyone on that site.”

Her relationship with the cheaters’ website began in 2010 when they asked her to model for them and set up an account. She said she filled out a profile using her real name and image but said she never logged back in.

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So she said she was surprised when strangers later approached her and said she had spoken to them online.

“I would meet guys who would ask me, ‘What happened to you? We met on Ashley Madison but never met up - what happened?’” she said.

She believes Ashley Madison used her profile because she claims women do not genuinely go on the site.

“I think there are actually women on there but the real women are scam artists or porn girls looking to generate more income to the website,” she said. “But almost of them are fake profiles that Ashley Madison posted so they can maintain control.”

She said she was paid to recruit friends to create profiles for the website, including Merilee Gerth. Gerth told INSIDE EDITION that she had no intention of having an affair through the website.

“Once I created the profile, I had nothing to do with it,” she said. “They were looking for women to fill out profiles so they could take over the profile and monitor it and respond to any men.”

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She said she also appeared in silhouette during a Today show report that aired in 2011. In the report, she said she posed as a married woman who used the site to have an affair.

The show segment said: “Ashley Madison introduced us to two women who asked that their identity be concealed.”

Gerth told INSIDE EDITION she was one of those women.

She said in the Today segment: “Ashley Madison for me guarantees that the person I'm going to be coming involved with has just as much to lose in their life as I do.”

INSIDE EDITION asked her: “You were told to lie?”

“Correct,” she responded.

When asked what she thought of the company, McGee didn’t hold back.

“I think they're scam artists, I think they're shady, they're snakes,” she said. “I think they're dishonest people all around - to the people they con to join the website and to the customers on the website.”

Ashley Madison has not responded to INSIDE EDITION'S requests for a comment on McGee’s claims but on Monday, they released a statement disputing reports that women members were not active on the website.

The statement said that 87,596 women signed up to the service in the last week alone and in that time, women sent more than 2.8 million messages on the site.

"Ashley Madison is the number one service for real people seeking discreet encounters," it said.

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