Nephew Inherits Part of Late Uncle's Secret $2.3 Million Fortune, Could You Be Next?

As INSIDE EDITION helps families track down their hidden treasures, we look back at other success stories.

Behind a steel vault in the Iowa State Treasurer’s Office sit treasures worth $300 million dollars.

The vault is filled floor to ceiling with boxes, each containing long-forgotten family valuables from cold cash to stocks, bonds and antique jewelry.

There are also items you can't put a dollar sign on, like war medals and old family photos.

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Speaking to INSIDE EDITION earlier this year, Iowa State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald said most of the valuables come from safety deposit boxes that have been abandoned or forgotten.

"Unfortunately, we can't find the owners," he said.  

In February, INSIDE EDITION helped him track down some of those owners.

Among them was a meat factory worker named Maurice Wittrock, who left a staggering $2.3 million dollars unclaimed upon his death, aged 89, last year.

But Wittrock, who had heavily invested in Burlington Northern Sante Fe and ConocoPhillips stock, was a lifelong bachelor and had no children.

According to his will, his nieces and nephews were entitled to this fortune, so INSIDE EDITION tracked them down to tell them the good news.

Could You Be Next? Check if You Have Hidden Treasures Waiting For You

While one niece was found in Storm Lake, Iowa she said: “I'm not looking for money from anybody.”

But in Southern California, INSIDE EDITION was in luck – and so was one of Wittrock’s nephews, Michael Pierce.

Correspondent Lisa Guerrero gave him the good news.

"That's really neat," Michael said with a big grin. "I’m really excited." 

"That's the smile I want to see," Guerrero declared. 

INSIDE EDITION is now helping viewers unearth their hidden treasures again. To find out if you have money to claim, visit here.

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