Is Wine Tasting Out of Control? Neighbors Complain About Patrons Vomiting, Having Sex

An INSIDE EDITION investigation, which will air in full on Friday, has revealed a wilder side to wineries in New York state.

Wineries are supposed to be a relaxing way to spend a day – giving patrons a chance to sip wine and take in beautiful views.

But an INSIDE EDITION investigation, which will air in full on Friday, has revealed a wilder side to some wineries in New York state.

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Neighbors say they have witnessed drunk patrons wandering away from the vineyards and onto their property to “urinate,” “take drugs” and even “have sex.”

Footage reveals loud parties and flowing alcohol at a vineyard on Long Island, New York, as well as a fist-fight breaking out in a tasting room.

At one winery, Vineyard 48, a security guard called it the “biggest party in the wineries.”

In the tasting room there was loud music and plenty of people stumbling around. One apparently intoxicated couple even slipped behind the grapevines for some hanky panky.

During INSIDE EDITION’s trip to the vineyard, staff poured generous helpings for “tastings.”

They also sold buckets of sangria, beer and slushies mixed with wine and beer.

Chris Zuhoski lives next door and told INSIDE EDITION that patrons have left the winery to have public sex in the neighborhood.

He said the parties used to be even louder, but he is still concerned about excessive alcohol consumption.

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“We’ve seen activities here that are despicable: sexual acts, alcoholism, vomiting, invading our properties,” he said.

Vineyard 48 says it is in full compliance with all laws and it has the best record of any winery in the area. Vineyard 48 also says it is proud of its efforts to be a good citizen of the community and has resolved any complaints it has received.

INSIDE EDITION visited another vineyard where a concert was underway – and not the relaxing chamber music you might expect at a winery.

Instead, a full-blown show featuring Duran Duran, Keith Urban and Pharrell Williams was being held.

The beer and wine flowed freely, and there was even a tailgate party in the parking lot.

Inside, some people were so drunk they could barely stand. One man was seen pounding multiple beers, before stumbling out of the winery with his female friend.

When INSIDE EDITION tried to speak with them, the woman grabbed our reporter’s microphone and tried to grab a camera.

The couple finally left after INSIDE EDITION threatened to notify the police, but not before they stole the cameraman’s light.

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