Olympian Who Became a $600-An-Hour Escort: 'I Thought, Why Shouldn't I Get Paid For Sex?'

Long-distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton, who is married, was an escort in Las Vegas.

Olympic golden girl Suzy Favor Hamilton shocked the nation when it emerged she had a secret life as a Las Vegas escort.

She is now speaking out about becoming a $600 an hour call girl. Using the name "Kelly Lundy" on an escort website, she was actually listed as the No. 3 most-sought-after escort in all of Vegas.

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Speaking to ABC's Elizabeth Vargas, the Olympic runner said she had thought: "Why shouldn't I get paid for sex?'"

She said that she put the same dedication into sex that she put into becoming one of the America’s top female athletes.

She said: “One day I had run a half-marathon in the morning, hopped on an airplane and flew to Vegas - had five appointments.”

Vargas said: “When you say five appointments, you mean…”

“Five different clients I saw,” she said.

Vargas asked: “You slept with five different men?”

“That day," she replied. "Still, after the five appointments, endless energy couldn't sleep."

She competed in three Olympics. Her final race was in Sydney, Australia in 2000 where she had this heart-breaking fall seen round the world.

Now she's making the stunning admission that she fell on purpose and was faking when she was carried off in a wheelchair.

“I pretended I was injured. I remember thinking, ‘You’re the worst person in the world,’” she told Vargas.

Favor Hamilton’s secret life came crashing down in 2012, when a client ratted her out -- leading to headlines like: "On Your Mark Get Set Ho!" and "American Queen Of Trick And Field."

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Vargas about the bombshell interview airing Friday night on 20/20.

Vargas said: "She has battled epic anxiety all of her life. You know look at her races with a whole new set of eyes. She talks us through what is going on in her head and how panicy she feels." 

Favor Hamilton has also written a tell-all book, Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness. She says bi-polar disorder fueled her non-stop desire for sex.

She says it started in 2011 when she suggested to her husband that they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary by having a threesome with an escort in Las Vegas.

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She later told her husband that the lifestyle of an escort was so appealing to her that she wanted to become one herself.

Her husband, Mark, is also speaking out on her secret life.

Mark told Vargas: “She would try to calm my fears. ‘Mark, this is safe, Mark you have no idea.’"

Vargas then said to him: “Mark, I don't know how anybody can understand how you didn't get up and say, ‘I’m leaving you, this is crazy.’

“Sometimes I wonder that too, to be perfectly honest. I tuned out - 'you live your life, I’ll live my life,'” he said.

Vargas told INSIDE EDITION: "He tried very hard to convince her that this is a dumb idea, that she should not do this. He also was desperate to keep her happy. She was in a dark place at this point and had been very scared." 

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